martedì 2 dicembre 2008

[trailer] Fireball di Thanakorn Pongsuwan (THA/200?)

Finalmente, grazie al grande Alexander, sono venuto a capo di qualche informazione circa questo fantomatico Fireball. Studiando il trailer la conclusione a cui si arriva è solo una: per quanto brutto possa essere il risultato finale, non avremo a che fare con la solita commedia sportiva US. Bene, bene.

Qui un breve comunicato stampa:

New movie Fireball is not only a new blend of action -- melding Muay Thai with basketball -- it's also the first film from a new Thai studio, albeit one with some familiar names behind it.They were behind such films as the original Bangkok Dangerous, Tears of the Black Tiger and Bang Rajan.

Story line - Tai gets out of jail to find that twin brother Tan had been in a coma for a year. He discovers that his brother had entered the world of Fireball, a violent game based on basketball hosted by an underground criminal gangs, so as to raise the money for Tai's early release. However, he was brutally beaten by another player Tun. Tai agrees to join Dens' team so that he can track down the man who hospitalized his brother.

Tai is befriended by his teammates: Singh, a Thai boxing champion who wants to prove that he is the best; Muk, a Thai-African guy who needs money to support his family; IQ, a cheerful character who only wants to help his mother; and K, an old friend of Tai's, who has a mysterious past. He and his teammates must risk their lives and fight their way to the final round of the deadly Fireball championships so that Tai can avenge his brother on the court.

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